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Warehouse Receiving Disputes

Warehouse Receiving Disputes (WRD) is a feature built into the Newegg Logistics portal to inform clients of issues when a shipment is checked in. This can range from shorted stock to damaged merchandise. Below is a guide on how to use this feature.

Warehouse Receiving Dispute List Overview

Here you will find all past and current warehouse receiving disputes receiving disputes, what stage or Status the dispute is currently in and the WRD Type.


Searching for Warehouse Receiving Disputes

To find Warehouse Receiving Disputes you’ll need to do the following.

  1. Navigate to Manage Items> Warehouse Receiving Disputes (WRD)

  2.  Click Search to show WRDs in the system. You can also choose a filter to search by and entering relevant information for the selected filter

    Below are descriptions of the filters available to you
    WRD #: Warehouse Receiving Dispute number assigned to each dispute
    Shipment ID: Unique Shipment identifier assigned to the shipment
    Seller Part #: Filters for WRDs based on part numbers
    Newegg Item: Filters for WRDs based on Newegg Item numbers

  3. Once you have populated your dispute list you can filter your result further using the WRD Status, WRD Type or Create Date filtersMore information on status and type can be found below.


Responding to a Dispute

Once a dispute has been generated the client is responsible for choosing a solution for the dispute. The options available to you will vary by case. Once you choose a solution the status will change to responded. To do this you can follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Highlighted WRD # you wish to work on


Below are description of each status a WRD will go through

  • Created:  This is the first stage of a WRD. At this point the warehouse has identified a issue with the shipment received and will inform the client.
  • Responded: Client has responded to the WRD. This will generally follow with the client giving instruction on how to proceed with the WRD.
  • Void: Dispute has been cancelled.
  • Closed:  Dispute has been resolved. The warehouse has accepted the solution and proceeded with this resolution.

WRD Type

WRD Type or Warehouse Receiving Dispute type informs the client what category the dispute falls under. Below are the following Dispute types you’ll find.

  • Over Shipment: Quantity received is higher than what is listed on the packing slip
  • Short Shipment: Quantity received is lower than what is listed on the packing slip
  • Product Damaged: Product has been damaged in shipping or receiving
  • Product Error: Product is not matching what is listed on the package slip.
Updated on December 9, 2020

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