Shipment List

Shipment list is a sub-function of the Item Management main function. Here you can view the status of your inventory Transfers and returns you have created via Send Inventory or Return Inventory. You’ll also be able to “work” on each shipment.

For more information Send and Return inventory please view our Item List guide)

To access Shipment List, click Manage Items to drop down all available sub-functions then, click Shipment List

Shipment List Overview

At the Shipment List you’ll be able to view all Return and send inventory shipments. You can also filter/search based on your criteria

Below are descriptions of each filter available to you.


  • Shipment ID – A random number assigned to easy shipment
  • NE Item# – A Newegg assigned part # for your SKUs
  • Seller Part# – Your assigned product identifier number
  • UPC/ISBN – a bar code used extensively for retail packaging
  • Reference #1 & 2 – A number or description typed in by the creator of the shipment
  • Tracking Number – Shipment identifier used to track shipment status
  • Date Filter and Range – Allows user to filter shipments by creation date and last edit date, and set a date range.

Working On a Shipment

You can access a detailed view of completed and in process shipments by clicking the Action box of each shipment. This will allow you to work on shipments, mark shipments as shipped or even void shipments. Below is a guide on how to access these options.


  1. Navigate gate to the Action column and click the bullet list to find available options for your shipment.

    Descriptions of actions

    • Void – Allows you to void a shipment. This option is only while the shipment is being created.
    • Mark As Shipped – Allows user to close of shipment, this can be if a transfer was internal to handled by will call
    • Work On Shipment – Opens a new screen and allows user to make more detailed selections on the shipment


  2. Click Work On Shipment to bring you to the Shipment Information screen. The following example is for a Send inventory shipment. This will allow you to send inventory to a Newegg Warehouse or Transfer between Newegg Warehouses.
  3.  At Set Quantity, type in your totals for each part # and choose your Unit measurement. Each unit should have an original UPC/ISBN ( Universal Product Code) barcode clearly labeled on the product packaging. If they do not you can Click PRINT ALL ITEM LABEL to label each unit with a Newegg Product Code. Products not properly labeled may result in a re-labelling service charge. Click next to be brought to Label Packages
  4. At Label Packages print off package labels for each Box being shipped. One item can be packed in multiple boxes, but one box should only contain one item. A package label must be displayed on the outside of each box. Enter the package (box) quantity of each item and click Print Package Labels. Click next to go to Shipping info.

  5.  In Shipping Info, choose the warehouse you’ll be sending the items too, input a reference number for these shipments, select a shipping method, choose your carrier, and input a tracking number for each package. Once completed, click NEXT  to reach the Summary page

  6. Once you’re on the Summary page. You can review the order from the basic information , Item List, Shipping Info and review it’s processing history.. You’ll also be able to input a Memo to the order. Once your carrier has picked up the shipment, click MARK AS SHIPPED to complete the shipment

Updated on November 28, 2020

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