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Shipment list is a sub-function of the Item Management main function. Here you can view the status of your inventory Transfers and returns you have created via Send Inventory or Return Inventory. You’ll also be able to “work” on each shipment.

For more information Send and Return inventory please view our Item List guide)

To access Shipment List, click Manage Items to drop down all available sub-functions then, click Shipment List

Shipment List Overview

At the Shipment List you’ll be able to view all Return and send inventory shipments. You can also filter/search based on your criteria

Below are descriptions of each filter available to you.

  • Shipment ID – A random number assigned to easy shipment
  • NE Item# – A Newegg assigned part # for your SKUs
  • Seller Part# – Your assigned product identifier number
  • UPC/ISBN – a bar code used extensively for retail packaging
  • Reference #1 & 2 – A number or description typed in by the creator of the shipment
  • Tracking Number – Shipment identifier used to track shipment status
  • Date Filter and Range – Allows user to filter shipments by creation date and last edit date, and set a date range.

Date and Range

Working on a Shipment

Your shipment will go through the following status updates:

  • Preparing – You have entered the necessary shipment requirements and have saved the shipment. A shipment ID is created and you are able to work on the shipment details.
  • Shipped – Once you have completed all the steps from “Work On Shipment”, you will click the Mark as Shipped button which will update the status to “Shipped”.
  • Partially Received – This status indicates that the shipment was not completely received as submitted
  • Received – The shipment was received as complete

There are 3 Action types that can be applied to a shipment:

Void – Allows you to void a shipment. This option is only available while the shipment is being created.

Mark as Shipped – User needs to close the shipment in order for Newegg to receive it.

Work On Shipment – To complete the shipment process, this action must be completed before the shipment can be marked as “Shipped”.


To complete the SEND INVENTORY process, go to Manage Items > Shipment List and search for the shipment you wish to work on. Click the Action icon for that shipment and select Work On Shipment:


The Shipping Information page will open. Please complete each step as follows:

  • Set Quantity – update any item quantities for each part # and choose your Unit of Measurement (UOM). You may also update Hazardous Materials and Contains Batteries information if needed. Each unit should have an original UPC/ISBN (Universal Product Code) barcode clearly labeled on the product packaging. If they do not have a UPC, you can click PRINT ALL ITEM LABEL to label each unit with a Newegg Product Code. Products not properly labeled may result in a re-labelling service charge. Click NEXT to continue.

  • Label Packages – Print package labels for each box being shipped. One item can be packed in multiple boxes, but one box should only contain one item. A package label must be displayed on the outside of each box. Enter the Labels Quantity of each item and click PRINT PACKAGE LABELS. Click NEXT to continue.

  • Shipping Info – Verify that the correct warehouse is selected and update the following required fields accordingly:


  1. Load Type – the type of shipment to be expected
    • SPD – Small Parcel Delivery
    • LTL/LTC – Less than truck/container load
    • FT/FC – Full truck/container load
  2. Shipping Carrier/Vessel – Select the carrier name from drop list when using SPD. For LTL/LTC or FT/FC shipments, type the name of the carrier you are using.
  3. ETA – If shipping by ocean freight, please provide ETA for port arrival. For domestic shipping, please provide ETA date of arrival at Newegg.
  4. Voyage#/Pro# -required for LTL/LTC and FT/FC shipments, optional for SPD. This field is used to be able to cross reference shipping documents. Please provide a Voyage# if using ocean freight, a Pro# or Container# may be used for trucking.
  5. Tracking/BOL# input – Enter tracking or BOL information along with pallet and carton quantities. If shipment has no pallet, please enter “0” for Pallet Qty. Clients can list multiple entries if shipment contains more than 1 tracking or BOL#.
  6. Memo – any additional information regarding the shipment can be added here

Click NEXT to continue

  • Summary – You will be able to review all information regarding your shipment and can verify if there is any information missing. Click on PRINT PACKAGE LIST to print your packing list for this shipment and click on MARK AS SHIPPED to complete the shipment process

The status of your shipment will change from “Ready to Ship” to “Shipped”. The status will change to “Received” once the shipment has been completely received by our warehouse.


Updated on October 28, 2021

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