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We partner with dependable national and global carriers to cater to all service levels and packaging sizes, taking your logistics capabilities to the next level. Our service works directly with small parcel, ocean freight, air freight, and FTL/LTL providers, leveraging volume to negotiate the best rates possible for you.

Small Parcel Delivery

Our convenient Small Parcel Delivery service offers sellers an alternative, cost-effective shipping service compared to other 3rd party shipping services. We provide a print-ready shipping label at a discounted rate. You then attach the label to the package and ship it. It’s that easy.

Heavy Freight

Newegg Logistics offers a variety of heavy freight shipping options including LTL shipping, truckload shipping, intermodal shipping, rail freight, expedited, and international shipping. Let us be your one stop shop for shipping, no matter the size. Our Trucks Save You Bucks.


With easy access to road, rail, water, and air transport, Newegg Logistics can move it, store it, package it, and send it to any destination.

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