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Walmart Platform Integration


Our current integration supports Walmart Marketplace and allows you to fulfill Walmart Marketplace orders.

Generate Client ID and Client Secret

  1. Log in to Walmart Marketplace portal. Click on the gear icon in the top-right of the screen. Under the Administrator Options section, click API Credentials. Make sure you are set up as an admin, who shall see this entire menu.– If you’ve never generated a Consumer ID or Private key with Walmart, click on the blue Generate Consumer ID & Private Key button.
  2. After you generate your credentials, click the blue “Copy” buttons.

Newegg Portal

  1.  1. Log in Newegg Logistics Portal.
  2. Go to Manage Account > Platform Integration.
  3. Click “+ New Platform Integration” button.
  4. Select Walmart, enter display Name and click “Next”
  5. Paste Consumer ID (Client ID) and Client Secret (Private Key)
  6. Configure any additional setting below and click Connect.Below are Descriptions of configuration settings.•Authorization Status
    If Client ID and Client Secret are correct, Authorization status will change too Authorized.
    Download Orders From Walmart Automatically 
    If set Yes, Newegg Logistics Portal will download orders from Walmart automatically, user will not need to manually upload.
    •Also Download Acknowledged Orders
    Newegg Logistics Portal will only download released (created) orders by default. If you also want Newegg Logistics Portal to download orders marked as acknowledged, please enable this option.
    •Sync Newegg Inventory to Walmart Automatically 
    If set Yes, Newegg Logistics Portal will provide inventory status to Walmart as QTY changes.•Generate tracking# in advance
    If set to true, Newegg Logistics Portal will try to generate tracking# in advance before the order shipment.

    •Platform SKU Mapping
    If set to Auto, Newegg Logistics Portal will treat your platform SKU as Newegg Seller Part # directly if item mapping not found. Otherwise, you must setup item mapping for each platform SKU whether the Newegg Seller Part # is same or not.

    •Retry order download automatically
    If set to false, Newegg Logistics Portal will NOT retry to download order automatically.

  7. Test your connection, once your connection is confirmed click complete.
  8. Find your Platform ID and read the note for your setup and proceed with ship method mapping and item mapping is necessary
Updated on May 28, 2021

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