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Skubana Platform Integration

Cloud based, all-in-one operations software to handle and automate order management, inventory, analytics, purchase orders, and accounting. You can easily integrate the system with a simple App installation on the platform. Provided are the steps below.

Install App

  1. Go to Skubana app marketplace to install NeweggLogistics App

2. Sign in through seller’s own account after redirect to TPL website: www.NeweggLogistics.com

Platform Integration

1. Verify Platform Integration “Skubana” is connected through seller account, you’ll find the green check mark signifying that the platforms are communicating.


2. Verify settings and adjust to your business requirements.

Settings Descriptions

•Authorization Status
Status will remain Unauthorized until Platform Integration is complete.

Newegg Warehouse Name
Enter the warehouse name you created for Newegg Logistics Portal on Skubana.

• Download Orders From Skubana Automatically
Authorize Newegg Logistics Portal to access your Skubana account to download unshipped orders.

Sync Newegg Inventory to Skubana Automatically
Authorize Newegg Logistics Portal to update the inventory status for your items available in Skubana account.

Generate Tracking# In Advance
If set to true, Newegg will generate tracking# in advance before the order shipment.

Platform SKU Mapping
If set to Auto, Newegg Logistics Portal will treat your platform SKU as Newegg Seller Part # directly if item mapping not found. Otherwise, you must setup item mapping for each platform SKU whether the Newegg Seller Part # is same or not

• Retry Order Download Automatically
If set to false, Newegg Logistics Portal will NOT retry to download order automatically.

Item Relationship

  1. Set up item relationship between Skubana and Newegg Logistics Portal if required by your system needs.


Next we will handle setting your warehouse onto the platform.

  1. Navigate to settings then Select Warehouses. 

  2. Set up a New Warehouse as “Third Party Logistics” in Skubana website under seller’s own account.

  3. Tell us the “Warehouse Name”, recommended for “Newegg Logistics Warehouse”. Provide all relevant contact information for the warehouse being added.

    Only the orders drop to 3PL warehouse will be grabbed by Newegg Logistics Portal and pack for shipment.

Shipping Service

Provide shipping service relationship between Skubana and Newegg Logistics Portalteam. You can get Skubana ship service and Newegg ship service as follows.

  1. At Settings > Orderbots page or Orders page, you can get the Skubana ship service you may support


ShipMethod Mapping is converting between [Skubana Ship Service] and [Newegg Ship Service]

Seller could query the [Skubana Ship Service] via introduction as above.

All Newegg Ship Service is shown as below:

        Newegg Ship Service
Super Eggsaver (4-7 bus.days)
Newegg 3 Day
Newegg 2 Day
Newegg Next Day
3PL Client Prepaid
Economical Trucking
Updated on October 8, 2020

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