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How to make payments using Invoice & Statement

Client will receive a email notification once a new invoice is available. Clients can find new invoice at Manage Payment > Invoice & Statement.

User can click the Make Payment button, to make a payment toward an invoice.

Client can select a payment option (refer to 2a. payment information setup), payment date, and payment amount. Then, click Continue button to make a payment. A pop up window will ask user to confirm the payment details. Once user click Yes button, Newegg charges it from the payment account.

Payment History

You can view any payments or credits given using our Payment History function located just under the Invoice & Statement function.

Once on this page, just like Invoice & Statement you can find your account balance. and the Payment History Table.


To bring up your past and current payments you have the following options open to you

Payment Date From: If necessary, client is able to define a start and end date for pulling up payment data.

Process Status: Here you can choose what status you’d like to filter your search results by. The following options are open to you

  • Completed: Payment was successfully processed
  • In Process: Payment is currently in process and has not been applied to the your total balance.
  • Failed: Payment has failed. This could be due to various issues. Check with your CSR for more information
  • Charged: Payment was charged, processing will begin shortly.

Once you have configured your filters you can click Search. This will populate the table with your requested data.

Updated on January 4, 2021

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