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Customer Support Management

Connect with your customers through every possible channel they use. With our omni-channel contact center solutions, we can help you create brand loyalty. Our agents are equipped to deliver a high level of quality, effectiveness and care for your customers from the first interaction.

Social Media Monitoring

Grow your brand’s community by building relationships with your online customers wherever they may be. Whether on traditional social channels like Facebook, Twitter, or online forums, our brand advocates deliver a high level of engagement and consumer insight for your brand.

Flexible Pricing Options

Dedicated Solution

A very common solution that will provide you with a professional team of dedicated agents specifically trained to work with and assist clients on your program.

Who is it for:

Businesses with…

  • Extensive training due to complex products or service support
  • High volume
  • Complex administrative tasks
  • Advanced customer support

Shared Solution

With shared agents, you have a versatile team prepared to manage a small portfolio of accounts and address a full range of client needs. These representatives are shared among multiple customers and every specialist is completely prepared on your business strategies before engaging with customers.

Who is it for:

Businesses with…

  • Low volume
  • Specific customer service hours

Blended Solution

Blend the Dedicated and Shared models to balance your support needs and costs. With this setup, you have a dedicated group of representatives who handle the core volume of customer support. When additional support is needed, we can add in shared agents to help tackle spikes in call volume.

Who is it for:

Businesses with…

  • Complicated customer service issues during predictable time frames
  • Steady call volume
  • Skyrocket volume during holiday retail season

Seamlessly Integrated Technology

Flexible and customizable solutions designed for your brand’s needs. We integrate with your systems and requirements to provide seamless integration between our businesses to deliver the best customer experience.

Customized CRM

Customized CRM

Integrate with our custom software that is perfectly tailored to your business and support needs.

Reporting & Analytics

With active reporting, we manage and monitor your account with real time and historical contact data on customer engagement, agent activity, call transcripts and more.

Reporting & Tracking

Get an Edge Over Your Competition with Newegg Bridge

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best value-based contact center operation solutions and bundle opportunities.

Support Your Growth

Our team will grow as your business grows to provide the best experience for your customer.

System Integration

We integrate with your systems and requirements to provide seamless connection between our business to deliver the best customer experience.


Over 20 years of contact center experience working to grow your brand.

Flexible Pricing Models

Customized workforce solutions designed to meet your brand’s needs.

Cloud-Based Contact Center

Cloud-based contact center solutions and multiple contact centers leave no room for operation downtime.

Support Across Multiple Channels



  • Inbound/Outbound services.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).
  • Skill-based routing.
  • “Let Us Call You” call back option.



  • Proactive/Reactive
  • Skill-based routing.
  • Over 100 languages supported with Google Translate technology.



  • Proactive/Reactive
  • Skill-based routing.
  • Fast response to questions on “password requests”, “requests for invoice”, etc.



  • Proactive/Reactive
  • Fast response to questions like “where’s my order”, “questions about my account”, “how do I return”, etc.


Social Media

  • Engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Customers request assistance through social media websites.


We have been through numerous Customer Service teams and support software over the years and Newegg is the first team we are truly happy with across the board. Their team integrated with ours seamlessly, they were up and running in record time (even despite our immense volume), and they have gone above and beyond to take care of us and our customers. Highly recommend!

CEO, The California Beach Co.Austin L. Wright


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